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Friday, 16 September 2011

Do you think you can achieve Dean's List for this semester? (part 2)

Hi again guys!!!

Still the same topics but this part i want to elaborate more about how to achieve dean list (well i survey how people with dean list do every day), i hope that this piece of advise will somehow help you though. First, i do notice this kind of people revise their studies every day (especially at night) and challenge themselves to the toughest when it come to doing homework (tutor, assignment at whatever that can be done). Next, they reduce their social and playing time by a lot so they can spent more time studying (its kind of  hard for me though but i tried it and find it quite interesting habit to do). Also, the most important part is that the never stop themselves to be close to Allah S.W.T by praying (for example recite the Al-Quran, and pray so that they could be bless with confident and intelligence). Hmm..i think that is all i can elaborate about how to achieve the dean list.So i hope you guys can practice the "key of success" and achieve your goal as clever student...Thank you ^^


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