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Thursday, 4 August 2011

The beginning of a bachelor student in UniKL MICET (part 2)

24 July 2011

     Has anyone experience living in the hostel before?? any difficulties?? well now i tell you about the dirty little secret in our college. hmmm.. imagine life without water.. how are we suppose settle our hygiene problem.. this really tough i tell u.. where are we gonna dispose our "excrement"?? especially for those with "high" metabolism. there is a time where i accidentally see a cute little "chocolate pudding" in the toilet bowl.. and i was like "OMG people drop their "BOMB" without flushing!!?".. how uncivilized this people are.. did they know the use of flush?? well, actually it's not their fault but the college instead. i know some of u guys had experience this before, but what i'm going to highlight in here is the management of the college is too sloppy.. why  didn't they take immediate action regarding this issue..

    After one week of induction, we all finally free....yeah!!. Okay, the class start on monday, but where is the schedule ??  and how i suppose go to class without it?? what the heck is ASRA doing.. really.. some more, why is ASRA like to change the schedule in sudden without informing the student.. in a week we need to print it about 5 times.. (wasting my printer ink).. haha.. this people sure does create public chaos among student (what i meant is "EX" student).. by the way people, ASRA is kinda like a student management department who take care student welfare for those who are wondering..


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